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Expertise: Graphics

Graphic design is a vital part of communication. It is used to inform, educate, influence and persuade. The correct use of graphics and visuals helps to deliver clear and precise messages whilst enhancing user experience and brand awareness. We use graphics to communicate your key messages, simply and clearly, to the specifier using coloured 2D sections, coloured isometrics, rendered 3D visuals, photographs or a combination of graphics and photography.

Why do we bother with drawings? Paradoxically, because a drawing can show less than a photograph, it can be more useful. By using a drawing/visual we can focus the userís attention on the important features and omit a lot of unnecessary, distracting detail. Drawings and visuals can incorporate cut-aways, ghosted layers and exploded views which are expensive or impossible to achieve in photographs.

As a starting point, all our drawings/visuals are created in AutoCAD. This has the benefit of accuracy and the option of allowing our clients to offer designers comprehensive CAD details, enabling them to incorporate product information directly into their project information.